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MKS Global, a commercial designer and renovation group was established in the year 1990, with the pure aim of creating a foundation of design excellence and inspirational identities for corporations. With a heritage of more than 28 years, we recognize individual company’s requirements and strive to bring unconventional and distinctive transformations to their corporate environment by staying closely attuned to the constant changes of industry trends.

MKS Global was founded by our director Mr. Michael Wu, and has developed from a 5 men team to present 60 - which includes an in-house team of interior designers and builders who share the same passion and are able to provide our clients an one stop bespoke service; from open plan systems, reinstatement works, electrical M&E services to FDDD/FSB submissions.

With children of Mr. Wu joining the business as well, MKS Global has a multi generational family team at the helm leading a driving force of dynamic and creative professionals. 

Meet the fam: About Us
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