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About Us

Our expertise extends far beyond traditional design roles. MKS encompasses a diverse range of skills and professions, including construction, project management, engineering, mechanical & electrical work, carpentry and even furniture fabrication.


This multi-faceted approach positions us uniquely at the convergence of design, renovation, and fabrication. By operating at this intersection, MKS thrives on introducing innovative solutions and cost-effective strategies to every project. It enables us to look beyond the surface aesthetics and consider the practicalities, ensuring that our designs are not only visually appealing but also highly functional, efficient and durable.


Our holistic approach brings newfound efficiencies and economies to the table, making us a valuable partner for projects where creativity meets practicality.


Design is a harmonious marriage of visionary ideas and skilled craftsmanship. That's why we manage everything in-house, guaranteeing that our creative concepts materialize with expertise, precision and most importantly - integrity.

Michael Wu
Founder & Managing Director 


What We Do


Workplace Strategy
Space Planning
Design Consultancy


Site Inspection
Project Management

Migration Management


Value Engineering
Renovation & Construction
After Production Service


In-house Production
Furniture Fabrication
& Supply Chain

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1 Maritime Square,

HarbourFront Centre

#12-05 Singapore 099253

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Singapore 629780

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