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About The Project

Design & Build

Client Aalto Executive Education 

(AEE) University

Industry Education

Location Armenian Street

Floor Size 3,000sqft

Year 2019


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Aalto University Executive Education partnered with us for their Asia office in Singapore. In this office, our design intent was to create a cozy but conducive work environment with elements from the Golden Era of Finnish design from the 1950s, reflecting core values of beauty, function and humanism. It also pays homage to being in culturally diverse Singapore by incorporating a touch of Peranakan in its design.


Aalto EE’s rich heritage and culture is reflected in the community and gallery space on the ground level featuring portraits of artists from the 1950s Helsinki era along the walls, alluding to Aalto EE’s longstanding heritage and origin. This gallery also functions as a passageway with the Finnish artworks on display, serving as an inspiration to anyone passing through the walkway. The brass pendant lights and Nordic designer furnishing also reinforces the nostalgia of the Golden Era.




Additionally, the space design also pays homage to being in culturally diverse Singapore by incorporating a touch of Peranakan in its design. These localized touches can be discovered upon entering the workspace, a Peranakan-style breeze block wall that greets visitors and serves as a shield from prying eyes.





More oriental furnishing such as the Peranakan-style communal table and sofa lounge seating with vibrant cushions featuring oriental flowers and patterns are also intended as a nod to the Asian culture in Singapore.


On the second floor, employees are given plenty of access to natural light and outdoor views near their primary workspace. Studies have shown positive links between light exposure and increased productivity and happiness. The surrounding concrete and brick walls are designed a bright white to radiate a generally clean, positive and airy work environment.

20190130_Q4P6584_High_Res 拷贝-1.jpg

Eye-catching pops of bold accent colours such as Aalto’s corporate purple are featured in the workspace, which stands out nicely against the more neutral tone of the office. The café pantry and community areas evoke a more comfortable, “homely” feeling as the overall workspace is designed to feel like an extension of a Nordic-style home.

Our collaboration with Aalto EE University is a harmonious fusion of history, aesthetics, and functionality perfectly aligns with their mission of global leadership development.

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