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Advario Singapore
(Part of Oiltanking Group)

About The Project

Major A&A

Design & Build

Client Advario Singapore

Industry Chemical & Oil

Location Jurong Island

Floor Size 20,000sqft (2 levels)

Year 2023


Photo credit: Superadrianme

Elevating Workspace Dynamics

with Modern Design

Our design team recently led a remarkable transformation in Advario's building, spanning across two floors with a total area of 20,000 sqft. Departing from traditional office aesthetics, the deliberate shift ushered in a rejuvenated and professional atmosphere, revitalizing its occupants. Advario's vision was crystal clear – a comprehensive overhaul emphasizing modernity, durability, and employee well-being. 

Photo credit: Superadrianme


Photo credit: Superadrianme


Nestled near the entrance, the café pantry is strategically positioned to create an open and welcoming ambiance as soon as one steps into the space. This versatile area seamlessly transitions between roles, functioning as a flexible guest waiting zone and a collaborative workspace, ensuring a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for various purposes.


Photo credit: Superadrianme


Photo credit: Superadrianme


Partitioned within a single expansive area, the café pantry is both vast and open, yet thoughtfully designed to maintain privacy and control noise levels, especially during peak lunch hours for large groups. Interspersed within, collaborative spaces and privacy booths offer secluded areas for focused work or discussions when needed.


Photo credit: Superadrianme


On the second level, you'll find a range of meeting rooms designed to accommodate different group sizes. Some feature a unique U-shaped table design, comfortably seating up to 20 individuals in a single setting. Additionally, there are smaller rooms with operable walls, providing flexibility in configuration. All tabletops boast a premium finish with Kompact Plus material, ensuring a polished and refined appearance.


Creating accessible refreshment spots just outside meeting areas not only encourages a quick break and refreshment but also contributes to a more relaxed and enjoyable work environment. It provides individuals with a convenient option to unwind and recharge, fostering a positive atmosphere within the workspace.


In the work areas, we acknowledge that Advario's work dynamics demand a significant amount of focus and privacy. Therefore, workstations are equipped with acoustic fabric partitions, and several 4-6-pax acoustic booths are strategically placed throughout the work zones. These booths serve the dual purpose of offering privacy for discussions when needed and dividing the open-plan space effectively.


Moreover, since Advario has its own building with dedicated washrooms, our team has meticulously designed these facilities to exude sophistication and aesthetics. While washrooms are often underrated, they play a crucial role, especially for the ladies, who appreciate having a pleasant area for refreshing and maintaining a comfortable environment.


In a transformative change across two floors, Advario's workspace underwent a significant makeover led by our design team. Departing from traditional office aesthetics, the revitalized and professional ambiance brought new life to the workspace. The result harmoniously embodies Advario's vision while meeting the contemporary demands of a dynamic work culture.

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