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About The Project

Design & Build

Client Claroty

Industry Technology

Location 18 Cross Street

Floor Size 2500sqft

Year 2024

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Photo credit: Superadrianme

Simplicity to Vibrancy | Second Collaboration with Claroty in Office Expansion

This marks our second collaboration with Claroty, having previously assisted them with relocating to the 18 Cross Street building. Now, they're expanding to a larger unit within the same building. Initially seeking a simple and functional space for their first office in Singapore, Claroty now aims for a departure from traditional office aesthetics. They aspire to create a rejuvenated atmosphere reflecting their warm and vibrant office culture. Given their identity as an industrial cybersecurity company, the space also needs to embody a high-tech vibe.

Photo credit: Superadrianme


Photo credit: Superadrianme

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Located near the entrance, the café pantry is strategically placed to establish an open and welcoming ambiance upon entering the space. This versatile area provides everything one needs, from freshly brewed coffee to a selection of beverages in a well-stocked fridge. Users feel instantly at home and comfortable in this cozy, well-lit space.


Photo credit: Superadrianme


Photo credit: Superadrianme

The boardroom is positioned at the front of the house, featuring operable walls for flexible use. Given the frequent conference meetings and collaborations among Claroty team members, they've invested in high-quality video devices and booking systems to ensure seamless meetings.


Furthermore, all office and collaboration furniture are crafted by the MKS team. With our fabrication factory located overseas, we offer customization to meet our clients' specific needs and color preferences. Look for our labels on the chairs to identify our handcrafted pieces.


Within the workspace, all rooms feature effective soundproofing through double-glazed glass panels and doors. Additionally, acoustic sound booths, humorously named "Zouk" and "Marquee" by the Claroty team, offer nearby privacy for video calls. Equipped with digital technology, these booths are readily available for use at any time.

Copy of spaces you love to work in (10)_

In summary, collaborating with our longstanding client, Claroty, was a delight — it felt like working with an old friend. With a clear understanding of their expectations, we are honored to assist them once more in their expanded unit. It's truly rewarding to witness our clients' growth, as the saying goes: "We grow when you grow."

Our client praises MKS for their skilled management of the design and build, project management, and delivery, successfully bringing Claroty's vision for their office environment to life within the project deadlines.

Mr Stefanescu, General Manager,

Asia Pacific, Claroty >

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