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The Coca Cola Company

About The Project

Major A&A

Design & Build

Client The Coca Cola Company

Industry F&B

Location Tuas Road

Floor Size 15,000sqft

Year 2022


Coca-Cola's 'Project Refresh' :

Embracing Flexible Synergy


Our design team played a pivotal role in Coca-Cola's recent workspace transformation, encompassing two entire floors. This endeavour marks a deliberate departure from their former, traditional office aesthetics and ushers in a revitalized atmosphere that reenergizes its current occupants.

When Coca-Cola approached us, their vision was clear: a complete overhaul of their workspace, prioritizing flexibility, efficiency, and employee well-being. With their vision and ideas in mind, we collaborated closely to reimagine their workspace as an agile environment, meticulously considering each design element. The result is a workspace that embodies Coca-Cola's vision and meets modern work culture's demands. 


One notable shift is the strategic relocation and reduction of rooms away from the windows, allowing the warm embrace of natural light to permeate the entire space. This not only creates a visually inviting atmosphere but also positively impacts the well-being of those who occupy it, fostering a sense of connection with the outdoors.


To further promote collaboration and innovation, biophilic elements and collaborative zones are thoughtfully positioned near work desks. These zones encourage spontaneous discussions and brainstorming sessions, nurturing a dynamic and creative work culture.

In recognition of the evolving nature of work, the new workspace is equipped with a suite of agile tools. These include writable surfaces, movable whiteboards, and advanced audio-visual capabilities, all seamlessly integrated to empower users to perform hybrid work with greater effectiveness. This forward-thinking approach acknowledges the importance of adaptability and accessibility in today's ever-changing work landscape.


Furthermore, our involvement extended to the establishment of a cutting-edge research laboratory. This innovative space boasts the incorporation of lab-proof materials, ensuring a controlled and safe environment for conducting experiments, research, and scientific exploration. This addition reinforces Coca-Cola's commitment to innovation and advancement.

Coca-Cola's redesigned workspace underscores its steadfast dedication to the well-being and productivity of its employees. Through our design efforts, which prioritize flexibility, efficiency and vibrancy, we've contributed to the creation of a dynamic, collaborative atmosphere where their team can excel and deliver their best work.

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