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Draeger Singapore


About The Project

Design & Build

Client Draeger Singapore

Industry Medical Manufacturing

Location The Galen, Science Park

Floor Size 35,000sqft

Year 2019

reception edited_edited.jpg

 Embracing Dynamism, Progression

and Cohesiveness

Drager, a German company founded in 1889, manufactures medical and safety technology, employing over 14,000 people across 190+ countries. In Singapore, they have around 105 employees working on projects, consultancy, and after-sales services. Our team had the privilege to work closely with Drager Singapore for their 35,000sqft workspace at Science Park. The design inspiration was to create a vibrant office space that reflect the following values – dynamism, progression and cohesiveness.


An early sketch detailing the flow from the entrance into the other spaces.

MKS200719_11 -1 (jpg).jpg

Stepping into Drager Singapore’s reception area feels warm and inviting. The dark wood flooring and trellis panels create an inviting atmosphere, accentuated by linear LED lighting for an energetic vibe. The organic curves of the reception counter and the adjacent wall evoke adaptability and dynamism, extending a sense of harmony into the workspace. The lighting emphasizes these dynamic curves, promoting a seamless flow within the office.


The boardroom, equipped with adaptable furniture at the entrance, remains essential for large meetings, decision-making, and training. However, the evolving collaborative landscape shows a growing preference for spontaneous, smaller, and informal gatherings over lengthy formal interactions. Employees now seek more social connection and engagement as part of their collaborative experience.

MKS200719_02 -3(jpg).jpg
MKS200719_02 -2 (jpg).jpg

MKS recognized the evolving work dynamics and responded by designing a central collaboration space, "The Pavillion" within the work area. This Pavilion is equipped with technology and collapsible doors for visual and auditory privacy which cater to diverse employee needs. Understanding that large meeting spaces can be discomforting for small groups, the Pavilion and smaller huddle areas are spread across the workspace to foster informal interactions. 

Service office Reception .jpg

In the other wing of Draeger's expansive workspace is a dedicated zone catering specifically to the training, workshops, and Research and Development (R&D) endeavours. This specialized area serves as the domain where Draeger engineers primarily conduct their activities.

Working alongside Draeger has been an enriching experience, delving into the intricate design of their workspace and understanding the nuanced needs of their diverse teams. It's heartening to know that a picture of Team Draeger & MKS still adorns their TV reception wall, a testament to our partnership and shared endeavours.

MKS x Drager Team as 1_edited.jpg
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