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Genetec Asia Pacific

About The Project

Design & Build

Client Genetec Asia Pacific

Industry Technology & Security

Location Bugis Junction

Floor Size 4,000sqft

Year 2018


Fast Forward to The Future


Occupying a total of 4,000sqft at Bugis Junction Towers, the design inspiration for Genetec was to create an office of the future that would bring the spirit of innovation to the everyday work lives of employees. Genetec understands that being future-ready is not just about the futuristic products they create, but also about the space they work in.

Genetec's entrance boasts a stunning full glass facade, showcasing an ultramodern experience center that invites onlookers to peek inside. Guests are welcomed by an interactive LED display wall instead of a conventional reception, offering support before they step into the experience center. Collaborating with Genetec, MKS Global introduced cutting-edge facial recognition technology to their door access systems. This implementation eliminates the need for key cards or manual attendance tracking for employees.




As Genetec is involved in the technological surveillance industry, it was only apt for their experience center to showcase their latest technologies, as well as give visitors a hands-on and interactive experience with the products.

A darker colour palette is intended in this space with a prevalent use of black and grey tones on the ceiling, flooring and tinted glass panels. These tones contrasts and balances out nicely with space white LED lightings, TVs, blinking server lights in the background and from Genetec’s products on display, almost like a scene from a futuristic sci-fi movie.


Technology liberates Genetec employees from fixed workstations, offering a diverse range of customizable spaces which are integrated with seamless technology - supporting device connections, Wi-Fi, and video conferencing, enhances collaborative efficiency. Moreover, Genetec has streamlined meeting management through digitalized booking systems and facial recognition technology for efficient room reservations.


To support informal interactions in small groups, collaboration spaces should also offer a comfortable and relaxed sensibility, which our design team has achieved by finishing the rooms and social pantry area in warm lighting and wooden finishing, created to reflect the cozy ambience one usually finds in contemporary hotel lounges.

In an era marked by swift technological and design progressions, maintaining relevance in a continuously shifting market is crucial. Team MKS aimed to curate an office space for Genetec that epitomizes the future, integrating innovation into employees' everyday work encounters. Acknowledging that future readiness extends beyond their pioneering products, Genetec values the workspace's role in nurturing a forward-thinking environment.

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