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Hyundai Corporation

About The Project

Design & Build

Client Hyundai Corporation

Industry Industrial Metals

Location Suntec Tower

Floor Size 4500sqft

Year 2024


Photo credit: Superadrianme

Embracing Light | Hyundai's Shift to a Bright  Workspace Inspired by Korean Simplicity 

Our team MKS had the pleasure of partnering on several projects with Hyundai, and this latest endeavour involves Hyundai Corporation. With their growing team, Hyundai secured a bigger 4500 sqft unit in the same building to house their expanding staff. They felt the previous office was too dark and stuffy hence embracing a fresh, light-filled ambiance this time. As many team members are Koreans in the office, Hyundai appreciated a more sleek and minimalist design for their new workspace.

Photo credit: Superadrianme


Photo credit: Superadrianme


Hyundai's entrance showcases a striking statement wall cladded in real steel, echoing their industry's essence and emphasis on steel and other industrial products.


This bold industrial aesthetic finds harmony with softer, warmer elements like wood, greenery and light-coloured textures from wall to ceiling.


In line with the sleek and minimalist aesthetic, Hyundai's office space features concealed doors within wooden fluted panels, eliminating the need for unsightly door handles.


Behind one of the concealed doors at the front entrance lies the boardroom. Reflecting the sleek wood aesthetic from the entrance, the interior features warm yet clean and muted colors, flooded with natural daylight. Acoustic panels adorn the walls, serving not only to absorb noise but also providing an ideal canvas for displaying Hyundai's branding decals and awards.


The curved edges on the walls and floors not only enhance visual appeal but also guide users seamlessly into the workspace. 

Within the workspace, the ambiance remains true to its intended vision: clean, minimalistic, and brightly lit. Supporting amenities include lockers and additional acoustic rooms for enhanced functionality and comfort.


The pantry exudes a captivating minimalistic charm, drawing allure from its clean colour scheme and abundant natural light streaming through expansive windows that offer panoramic views of iconic Singapore landmarks like the Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay. With a wine fridge on hand, it's a favorite spot for Hyundai team members to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Hyundai's office design harmoniously marries form and function by integrating sleek industrial elements with soft curves and warm inviting accents. This careful balance caters to the needs of its users while authentically reflecting Hyundai's identity, creating a conducive environment that inspires productivity and creativity.

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