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INova Pharmaceuticals

About The Project

Design & Build

Client INova Pharmaceuticals

Industry Medical

Location Millenia Tower

Floor Size 15,000sqft 

Year 2023

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Photo credit: Superadrianme

Harmony in Design -

Where Vibrancy Meets Productivity

INova Pharmaceuticals leads the distribution of branded prescription meds and consumer healthcare goods across 20+ countries in Asia, Australia, and Africa. When the INova team first approached us, they wanted to unify their teams which were previously spread across two floors and establish a more dynamic, lively and cohesive atmosphere in their new office while maintaining professionalism and productivity.

Photo credit: Superadrianme


Photo credit: Superadrianme


The new 17,000 sqft Millenia Tower workspace, crafted by the MKS team, successfully unifies a 100-pax team with room for 80 more in the future. This consolidation aims to solidify the company's identity and culture, achieving the dual goal of bringing teams together under one roof and fostering a vibrant work culture within a professional and functional office setting.


Inova's spacious 20-pax boardroom takes a prime position at the front of the house, discreetly shielded behind the reception area to ensure privacy. Featuring operable walls, this room offers versatility, allowing it to be transformed into smaller discussion rooms. All rooms are also outfitted with double-glazed glass panels and booking systems, guaranteeing users an optimal experience with sound privacy and effortless accessibility.

Photo credit: Superadrianme

With spectacular views of the Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands, the window area provides a scenic backdrop. Benches can be found along the window perimeters, creating an additional collaborative space that feels open yet private, offering a relaxing environment away from noise.


Photo credit: Superadrianme


The entrance opens into a spacious communal pantry area, adjacent to the reception, accommodating at least 50 individuals. It beckons visitors in and promotes casual interactions during company townhall events, fostering unity among colleagues across departments. It also serves as a collaborative or work area, with pantry tables equipped with power points for added functionality.


Our team has crafted an open-plan design in the work area, catering to various activities that foster creativity and teamwork. Recognizing the importance of striking a balance between collaboration and minimizing distractions, Inova's new office design incorporates island pavilions as dividers in the open plan. Acoustic pods and lounging areas are strategically located to offer users dedicated spots for focused work and opportunities to take breaks while enjoying the view!


Inova's new workspace design embodies the company's vision for a dynamic and harmonious workspace, skillfully merging vibrant elements with functional design. It underscores their dedication to nurturing a collaborative and innovative environment, empowering employees to flourish and contribute to the company's success. The incorporation of versatile spaces and considerate design reflects Inova's commitment to crafting a workplace that sparks creativity, promotes well-being, and fosters unity among team members.

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