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About The Project

Design & Build

Client KFC & Pizza Hut HQ

Industry F&B

Location Print Media Hub

Floor Size 30,000sqft

Year 2020 


Creating A Sense of Belonging - KFC & Pizza Hut's Office Journey Amidst COVID-19

This project was particularly unique as it was completed during the challenging COVID period. To minimize potential disruptions, our design team proactively procured materials and furniture well in advance, storing them in our MKS warehouse. Additionally, our project managers adeptly organized our operations team, dividing them into smaller groups to adhere to COVID-19 regulations and minimize the impact of any possible outbreaks.


KFC & Pizza Hut entrusted us with an expansive 30,000-square-foot HQ space to foster a strong sense of belonging among their team. The spatial design incorporates the iconic color palette of KFC and Pizza Hut's restaurants, featuring earthy wooden tones, ash greys, blacks, and their enduring corporate red.

PANTRY EDITED_edited.jpg
TRAINING VIEW_edited.jpg

By drawing from its deep-rooted history and legacy, the design goes further than just providing a cozy atmosphere. It intentionally fosters a profound sense of identity and belonging among the workforce through elements like the color palette, restaurant-style furniture and thematic decor (such as the hanging KFC steel cages). It's all about creating a workspace that embodies the company's values, culture, and traditions.


The town hall pantry area is a versatile space which can easily accommodate 100 people and can be effortlessly transformed into three separate areas using operable walls. These walls can partition the exterior space, comprising the pantry and two additional training rooms. Additionally, acoustic boards are strategically placed within the training areas to absorb sound echoes.

Copy of spaces you love to work in (6).png

KFC & Pizza Hut workspace layout is meticulously designed for a dynamic and immersive experience, promoting mobility, adaptability, and interactions to foster innovation and collaboration. Collaborative furniture between workstations and booths with digital screens break the monotony and enhance the interactive elements of the workspace.

Copy of spaces you love to work in (5)_e

Additional thematic design elements contribute to a strong sense of brand identity, including the unique Pizza Hut-shaped collaboration booth and triangular pizza-slice lighting fixtures. Managerial rooms feature brand labels on their exteriors for further brand immersion.

finance orange.jpg

Our collaboration with KFC & Pizza Hut brought unique challenges during the COVID-19 disruptions. Despite pandemic-related delays, our dedicated team's strategic approach ensured the project's success. The primary goal was to establish a strong sense of identity for KFC & Pizza Hut through thematic design elements. This project also demonstrates our team's ability to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional results, creating a dynamic headquarters that reinforces the company identity and history.

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