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Lenzing Singapore

About The Project

Design & Build

Client Lenzing Singapore

Industry Textile Manufacturing

Location 111 Somerset

Floor Size 5,000sqft

Year 2020


Weaving Tradition into Design | Enhancing Office Charm with Textiles 


When Lenzing first approached us, their workspace vision was to create an immersive experience - a dynamic embodiment of the company's unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. As an Austrian cellulosic fibre producer, our design team thought it would be a great idea to integrate Lenzing's fabrics into the space, transforming it into a living exhibition that showcased their exceptional products.

As you approach Lenzing's space, the expansive glass frontage immediately draws your attention, welcoming abundant natural light and fostering an airy and open atmosphere. Upon entering, the front area presents a captivating digital wall showcasing events and products, enriching the space with dynamic energy. A sense of sophistication and comfort envelops you within the high ceiling, tinted mirrors, and the warm embrace of wooden finishes, 




Within Lenzing's front gallery, there's a versatile 20-pax boardroom that can easily transform into a private space via operable walls when necessary. When not in use, these walls retract, expanding the area to accommodate larger events.




Furthermore, these operable walls are adorned with Lenzing's fabrics, serving as a refined detail to elevate the space and reinforce the company's identity.


Our design team was creatively challenged to think of ways on how we can weave the company's tradition into the office design, quite literally. We believe it is important for Lenzing to communicate their brand identity through their office design and enhance the office charm with their fabrics and hand-woven textiles. The handwoven textiles which involve months in making are integrated onto the gallery wall panels which display the cross section of a tree and water waves - adds a layer of richness and elements of nature into the space.


Other areas which you can find Lenzing fabrics are on the desk panels, operable walls, seating and even cushions.


Lenzing's office gallery is an enchanting fusion of sophistication and innovation. The true standout lies in the meticulous integration of Lenzing's fabrics. These hand-woven textile wall panels elevate the visual appeal while intentionally spotlighting Lenzing's premium products. Beyond a mere office or showroom, it stands as a compelling testament to Lenzing's dedication to excellence and innovation.

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