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Lightstorm Asia


About The Project

Design & Build

Client Lightstorm Asia

Industry Technology

Location Gateway East

Floor Size 3,000sqft

Year 2023


Fostering Innovation and Well-Being  


Lightstorm's vision for their Singapore headquarters was to create a space that authentically represents their core business in IT. To achieve this, our design team needed to select materials and colours that resonate with the technology world - sleek, modern lines and a clean corporate colour palette were chosen to evoke a sense of efficiency and innovation.

Meeting spaces have been equipped with advanced video conferencing capabilities and interactive screens, recognizing the importance of teamwork and connectivity in the IT industry. Custom-designed benches with flip-up seats provide additional storage, maintaining an organized environment and optimizing workspace functionality. These spaces not only facilitate effective communication but also offer practical storage solutions.

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The use of ergonomic furniture and adjustable workstations highlights the importance of comfort and adaptability in the IT sector. All furniture in the workspace is exclusively manufactured for MKS clients, ensuring quality and tailored solutions.

The MKS acoustic booth is an essential addition in Lightstorm's workspace, providing employees with instant privacy for team meetings, private calls, and video conferences whenever needed.

spaces you love to work in.png

The pantry space has been thoughtfully equipped with power outlets, offering users the flexibility to craft their ideal workspace. With the option to set up temporary workstations, individuals can take advantage of the splendid views outside while enjoying the convenience of readily accessible power points. 

In addition to creating a workspace that reflects dynamism and innovation, the well-being of Lightstorm's employees is also essential. Live green plants can be found throughout the office - creating an environment where employees can thrive not only in terms of productivity and innovation but also physical and mental well-being. This holistic approach to workspace design underscores Lightstorm's dedication in creating an inspiring and supportive work environment for its team.

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