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Netco Singapore

About The Project

Design & Build

Client Netco Singapore

Industry Marine

Location 6 Battery Road

Floor Size 2,500sqft

Year 2023


Netco's Marine Visions:

Artist Impression vs Real-Life Comparison

In Netco Singapore's fresh 2,500sqft workspace located at 6 Battery Road, our design team delved into their US office aesthetics and marine industry ethos. The result? A modern, sleek office design subtly infused with marine elements. 

As MKS handles both design and construction, the following photos vividly showcase how our artist impressions seamlessly come to life, presenting a realistic view of the project.


Artist Impression


Actual Photo


The reception area's colour scheme embodies a raw, industrial vibe akin to the sturdy tones found in transportation ships—robust and steadfast. Evoking the imagery of a ship atop the ocean, the flooring and ceiling showcase a wave-like design, ushering visitors into the space while emulating the rhythmic movement of ocean waves.


Artist Impression


Actual Photo

Beyond the reception area lies

Netco's boardroom, echoing a similar thematic approach. The standout feature in the room is the overhead lighting, adorned with hanging acoustic boards resembling waves. Not only does this feature enhance the room's visual appeal, but it also serves a functional purpose by absorbing sound echoes.


Artist Impression


Actual Photo


Artist Impression


Actual Photo


The pantry maintains a modern, sleek look, blending gray and wooden tones. Since the team typically doesn't dine in the office, the pantry functions more like a work cafe—a versatile space equipped with power points for users to enjoy coffee or work collaboratively. Additionally, an enclosed booth offers complete privacy when needed.

In summary, the workspace reflects an industrial aesthetic, echoing the sturdy tones of transportation ships with wave-inspired elements in the flooring and ceiling.

Our client highly commends MKS for their adept handling of the design and renovation, seamlessly meeting NetCo's needs for a functional and visually captivating office environment, all within project deadlines.

Mr Koh, Director, Netco Singapore >

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