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Sabio Solutions

About The Project

Design & Build

Client Sabio Solutions

Industry Technology

Location Suntec Tower

Floor Size 6,000sqft

Year 2019


Empowering Flexibility | Sabio's

Multipurpose Hub


Sabio, a London-based technology firm, excels in enhancing customer interactions through innovative technology and insights. Their primary office goal was to transform a 6,000sqft workspace at Suntec Tower into an environment fostering positive growth and enriching company culture. To achieve this, our team devised a workspace strategy centered on shifting from individual workspaces to a collective environment, encouraging collaboration and facilitating knowledge sharing among their tech-focused teams.




Sabio's new central hub, where everyone congregates, is positioned at the main entrance. Upon entering, the design engages all five senses: one would be invigorated by the animated atmosphere generated by the chatter and buzz of people and coworkers interacting over food and drinks in this space.



The hub is an agile and multipurpose space that comes with loose furniture, IT-tools and surfaces that boost collaboration and suits a variety of purposes; ranging from holding a large town hall meeting, organising new product launches, hosting other large-scale events as well as a casual cafe for employees to relax in.


. In order to ensure everyone sits comfortably in the hub, stadium seating is designed to not only accommodate large groups but to also optimise the space. It also serves another practical purpose when it’s opened: a storage space for extra nitty-gritties such as stools.


Primary work areas, collaboration booths and huddle areas are also decked out in vibrant blue, orange and yellow, which is one of Sabio’s corporate colours. These bright and eye-catching colours are intended to inspire and communicate Sabio’s company values of being creative, vibrant and lively.


The overall workspace layout is very open to facilitate collaboration among coworkers. To encourage more interactions for workplace synergies, pockets of different collaboration spaces also line the perimeter of the primary workplace, ranging from small focus pods to open huddles areas to enclosed discussion rooms. This enables coworkers to have the flexibility of choosing from a variety of areas, and find one that best suits their working style.

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