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Scoular Singapore


About The Project

Design & Build

Client Scoular Singapore

Industry Agriculture & Technology

Location Raffles City Tower

Floor Size 7,000sqft

Year 2022


Growth Through Partnership:

MKS & Scoular's Ongoing Collaboration

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Scoular, a century-old company with over $10 billion in sales, specializes in crafting supply chain solutions for grain, feed ingredients, They initially approached MKS team to help create a brand-new office in Singapore in 2021, which also serves as Scoular's Asia headquarters and regional support teams. In the following year 2022, Scoular returned to us for a second project, expanding to the next unit, encompassing more than half of the floor area at Raffles City Tower, totaling 6,000 sqft.

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Scoular's design scheme exudes warmth, comfort, and a welcoming atmosphere. It incorporates numerous nature-inspired elements such as wood accents and lush green plants. The space features graceful curved edges extending from the floors to the ceilings and walls, complemented by gentle ambient lighting, creating a relaxed ambiance that instantly puts you at ease.


While the design fosters a welcoming environment, it also maintains a professional atmosphere. Meeting areas are thoughtfully enclosed with double-glazed panels to ensure soundproofing, promoting focus and privacy. Pantry areas strategically located at two ends of the office are also enclosed which effectively contains noise and preserves a tranquil work environment.


Serving Scoular on two consecutive projects, both the initial office setup and subsequent expansion, is a source of immense pride for us at MKS. It underscores our dedication to providing exceptional service and solutions to our clients. Having repeat clients like Scoular is a testament to the trust they place in our expertise and the quality of our work. We view each project as a partnership, and as our clients prosper and their needs evolve, we are fully committed to growing alongside them. This symbiotic relationship between MKS and our clients is a driving force behind our continuous improvement and success in delivering outstanding design and workspace solutions.

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