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Sony Music Group

About The Project

Design & Build

Client Sony Music Group

Industry Music & Entertainment

Location Duo Tower

Floor Size 7,000sqft

Year 2022


Photo credit: Superadrianme

Harmonizing Sony's Identity and

Legacy in the Workspace


Photo credit: Superadrianme

Sony Music Group unveiled its 7,000 sqft flagship headquarters in Singapore's Duo Tower. Their new office serves as the hub for SMG companies, including Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Music Publishing, The Orchard (an artist and label services company), and also becomes the home base for Sony Interactive Entertainment, renowned creators of PlayStation.

During the design phase, Sony presented us with the task of creating an environment that seamlessly promotes both collaborative efforts and concentrated work. However, what set this project apart was Sony's deep emphasis on branding. They were keen on ensuring that every aspect of their workspace strongly reflected their unique identity and musical heritage.

As you enter, you'll be welcomed by a large digital screen featuring Sony's top entertainment artists and music videos. For gaming enthusiasts, the display of limited edition PlayStation controllers is sure to spark excitement. 


Photo credit: Superadrianme


Photo credit: Superadrianme


Photo credit: Superadrianme

The cafe pantry occupies a strategic position near the entrance area which imparts a feeling of openness, immediately creating an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for anyone stepping into the space. This space also doubles as a flexible guest waiting area, offering a comfortable and welcoming space for visitors, creating a hospitable atmosphere.

This commitment to their brand identity is visually evident throughout the office space. The hallways are adorned with artist posters, creating a visual journey that celebrates Sony's musical legacy. In the meeting rooms, the ambiance is imbued with the essence of Sony's iconic artists and their contributions to the world of music. Even in the lounge areas, the decor and atmosphere resonate with the spirit of Sony's brand, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for both employees and visitors.


Photo credit: Superadrianme


Photo credit: Superadrianme

Our design approach goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's a testament to Sony's corporate identity and a catalyst for team pride and connection. The workspace serves as a daily reminder of Sony's influential role in the music industry and the creative energy that fuels their work. It's more than a place for productivity; it's a showcase of Sony's commitment to its brand and employees. Every moment within these walls resonates with the company's unique musical legacy, inspiring and unifying the team in their mission.

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