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Tupperware Singapore

About The Project

Design & Build

Client Tupperware Singapore

Industry FMCG

Location 351 Braddell Road

Floor Size 13,000sqft

Year 2022


Secrets of Office Bliss :

Designing for Productivity & Happiness


When Tupperware reached out to us, they were in need of relocating to a larger space encompassing 14,000 square feet to accommodate their expanding team in Singapore. Situated within a recently constructed building at 351 Braddell Road, they saw this as an ideal occasion to revamp their work environment, establishing the physical framework for a psychologically nurturing and happy workplace.

During the design phase, Tupperware tasked us with creating spaces that promote both collaboration and focused work, while ensuring a sustainable environment. To meet these diverse needs, MKS understood the importance of meticulous attention to quality and detail. Our design reflects a culture of openness, collaboration, and a commitment to well-being.


Stepping into Tupperware’s entrance leads us right into their pantry townhall, the place where everyone gathers at. It's designed to boost well-being with nature, daylight, and comfort. The standout is the logo signage surrounded by fresh planters, welcoming all. You will find more nature-inspired elements like wooden flooring, furniture, warm lighting, and even a floor-to-ceiling green wall. Did you know adding plants to the office can reduce stress and increase happiness by 15%?


Various colors and textures adorn this space, aligning with the townhall's aim to exude personality and vibrancy, mirroring the spirit of the Tupperware brand.


You'll discover pops of orange, yellow, and pink on ceiling acoustics, posters, and furniture, reflecting the company's values of playfulness and creativity. Closer inspection reveals intricate finishing touches such as an embossed feature wall, wooden panelled walls, curved wall edges, and a raised platform deck, adding depth to the visual experience.


Separating the townhall from the general workspace are the boardroom and formal meeting rooms, equipped with soundproof double-glazed glass for audio privacy.


Within the workspace, Tupperware uses a muted white and grey color scheme for improved efficiency. All height-adjustable work desks, made by MKS Global, promote well-being and productivity.

Various collaboration spaces like huddle spots and private booths are scattered throughout, offering flexibility to cater to different working styles.

As work and workplaces evolve, so do planning strategies. A sustainable workplace, beyond aesthetics, is tailored to each organization. MKS understands the need to design modern work environments that support workplace happiness, well-being and foster collaboration. Tupperware's workspace embodies this comfortable, cohesive approach throughout.

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