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Wilhelmsen Ships Service

About The Project

Major A&A

Design & Build

Client Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Industry Marine

Location Pandan Loop

Floor Size Entire Building 

(4 Levels + Mezzanine)

Year 2022


Traditional Spaces Redefined


Wilhelmsen Ships, an established ship management company with a rich history spanning over 160 years, dating back to its establishment in 1861, is embarking on a transformative journey. Recognizing the evolving dynamics of work and life, the company is dedicated to fostering a holistic work environment that seamlessly integrates the two.

To materialize Wilhelmsen's vision, MKS Design team has embarked on a substantial redesign and revitalization project. This initiative spans two floors in their current building, with an additional two floors and a mezzanine floor in a newer adjoining structure. The result is a completely reimagined and rejuvenated Wilhelmsen building that offers an impressive array of options for its employees.

MKS Model

The rejuvenated Wilhelmsen workspace represents a significant leap forward in creating a workplace that not only acknowledges but actively embraces the diverse and evolving needs of its employees. This transformation is characterized by an impressive array of more than 30 carefully thought-out spatial configurations, reflecting the company's deep commitment to providing a work environment that is as flexible as it is conducive to productivity and well-being.


At the heart of this transformation are adjustable work desks, designed with the utmost attention to ergonomic detail. These desks empower employees to tailor their workspace to their individual needs, ensuring comfort and promoting better health during the workday. The incorporation of these adjustable workstations underscores the company's dedication to the physical well-being of its workforce.


In addition to ergonomic considerations, the redesign incorporates collaborative zones that encourage dynamic team interactions. These spaces are designed to foster creativity, idea sharing, and effective teamwork. They are carefully curated to facilitate spontaneous discussions, brainstorming sessions, and project collaborations. This investment in collaborative zones signifies Wilhelmsen's recognition of the value of teamwork and the importance of creating environments that inspire and support it.


Furthermore, the newly designed Wilhelmsen building also features dedicated quiet and focused areas. These spots are ideal for employees who require uninterrupted concentration to tackle tasks that demand deep focus and attention to detail. The provision of such spaces acknowledges the diverse nature of work and the varying work styles within the organization.


Overall, this transformative workspace is testament to Wilhelmsen's forward-thinking approach. It demonstrates their unwavering commitment to adapting to the changing landscape of work and the unique needs of their employees. By providing Wilhelmsen a dynamic, adaptable, and supportive environment, our team has inevitably helped in its workforce's success by cultivating a workplace culture that values flexibility, productivity, and well-being. 

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