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Winsure Singapore


About The Project

Design & Build

Client Winsure Singapore

Industry Financial Services

Location TripleOne Somerset

Floor Size 4,000sqft

Year 2022


Bringing British Charm to Singapore

When Winsure first came to us, their primary design goal was crystal clear: they wanted their Singapore headquarters to recreate the ambiance of their UK office


To achieve this, our team meticulously incorporated quintessential elements of British architecture into the design. White-washed brick tiles, reminiscent of charming UK building facades, now clad the walls. The wooden flooring adds warmth and sophistication, setting a welcoming tone. Classic English lounge chairs and paintings further enhance the space with timeless English charm.


The prominent maroon color throughout the office maintains corporate identity, while glossy cupboards exude elegance and refinement, reflecting Winsure's commitment to a polished workspace.


Ensuring privacy and optimal acoustics within the workspace is of paramount importance for Winsure. To address this need, we have equipped meeting rooms and director rooms with double-glazed glass panels, effectively soundproofing these spaces. Furthermore, electronic switchable glass has been integrated, allowing for instant visual privacy at the push of a button.


Collaborating with Winsure, a client with a distinctive design vision, has been a fun and enjoyable experience. It's not often that clients are willing to go the extra mile to transform their office space, especially in Singapore market where office units tend to have a similar look. Working with Winsure has pushed us to think creatively and innovatively to infuse the allure of British architecture into our design, making this project a truly unique and inspiring endeavour.

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