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About The Project

Design & Build

Client Zalora Singapore

Industry Retail

Location Keppel Towers

Floor Size 35,000sqft

Year 2019


Building A Sense of Creative Community

Zalora occupies two floors of Keppel Towers and awarded their workspace fit-out project to MKS Global, who were able to successfully fulfil the design requirements they had in mind: to create agile spaces that are purpose-driven and easily convertible, as well as having an immersive work environment to encourage productive exchanges and social interaction.

MKS030819_04 (1).jpg

The reception area showcases a monochromatic theme, exuding sophistication and professionalism. The backlit white Zalora logo stands out prominently against the black backdrop, and a spacious black and white reception table with a sleek marble countertop complements the design. This refined atmosphere extends to the plastered ceiling and glossy black and white tiles. 


Once visitors step in, this veneer is lifted as they take in the town hall area: a chic place combining nature, daylighting and comfort. The town hall area also reveals more personality and a zest for life, much like the Zalora brand.


The town hall area features an industrial-chic design with exposed pipes, abundant daylight through large transparent glass panels, and an outdoor view. Ceiling lights mimic sunlight and are complemented by fresh planters, enhancing the connection with nature. Zalora's logo graces the wall above collapsible glass doors in a black frame, alongside bold lettering showcasing the countries they operate in.



If the company opts for expansion, strategic space planning is seamlessly integrated. The town hall lounge area serves as a flexible workspace for casual work or meetings when the collapsible doors are closed for added privacy. Benches with attached rollers offer easy reconfiguration, making the space versatile and accessible to all.


The boardroom and meeting rooms share a professional design with wooden paneling, tables, and glass panels for natural light. Zalora's corporate values are showcased in pictures on one side of the boardroom, creating a consistent design theme found in the meeting rooms throughout the office.

Whether for casual work, meetings, or a more expansive workspace, the flexibility in design and furniture ensures the space can easily transition according to the company's requirements. It's a testament to Zalora's forward-thinking approach, ensuring their workspace aligns with their dynamic and innovative brand.'

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